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Test driven web development

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As we are looking at test driven web development at de Voorhoede we collected some links. I hope others like 'm too.

de Voorhoede

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From today on, I am no longer a freelancer. Instead I founded (with my partners) a new company, de Voorhoede, focused solely on front end development. Just HTML, CSS and JavaScript development and no more. We won't be a 'full service' agency. We will just do one thing and we will do that well.

link dump 201209

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Here are some links to articles I collected in the past few days, mostly researching responsive design...

Things that annoy me.

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But I'll keep fighting the fight!
Warning, RANT ahead
I have been doing webdevelopment quite a while now, for some 15+ years. In those years I still manage to get excited and mad about bad code.Let me, just for laughs, present you a couple of annoying things I see in real websites, collected today in just a…

A sad day - Opera will support -webkit prefixes

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Today something which I consider sad happened, Opera announced that it will be supporting some -webkit prefixes. (netmagazine.com) They do so, because: