Bad recruiters harm their clients


I got another email from a recruiter today, this time asking me for a senior Java role. I think that recruiters who do not aim their mails at the right people are wasting their, mine and their clients time.

But instead of just deleting said mail, I wrote a kind reply, let's see if XXXX from YYY will learn from his mistake. After all, it surely can't be his intent to waste all of our time, right?

Dear xxxxx,
I am NOT a java developer and never will be. I am a front end developer, something you should know if you would have read my profile on linkedIn, my about page or my profile on twitter or github. The fact that you send me this email, proves that you have not. That means that you have either no knowledge of the job you are recruiting for, or no respect for either my time or your clients time.

If you would want to know something about various roles in software development and which skills are needed for that, you can hire me as a consultant to train you and you colleagues.

I would really recommend that you would mail the right person next time as this mass emailing the wrong people will not help you, your company and most importantly your client.

If you get any of these mails, do me a favour and write a kind reply to these people, surely they will wise up one day, will they not...


Removed the name from the post as it is not meant to harm, but to educate. We need recruiters, good recruiters, to help connect supply and demand for some. Unfortunately the bad ones give the good ones a bad name too...

If you play the numbers game and mail everybody you can, it won't help you or your client. Please stop doing this.

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