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Progressive Enhancement - link dump

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As I am giving a workshop on progressive enhancement, see the fronteers site for details. I will start with giving some general information in the run up to august 18th.

Frameworks are pure evil.

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Right, catchy title to get people to read a somewhat more nuanced view on frameworks...
Tools and frameworks are shaping your result and your team.

Webpack - tutorials and how to's

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As I am now starting to work with webpack, after succesfully ditching the task to other people in previous projects (the bliss), I will document my learning process a bit. Beginning with some links, in no very particular order...
petehunt/webpack-howtoList of tutorialsDiving into webpackOfficial documentationBeginner Webpack Tutorial Part 1 - Introduction To WebpackA video for the non…

Link dump - front end testing

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Front end testing
Today I will be looking at front end testing, below are some links

Bad recruiters harm their clients

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I got another email from a recruiter today, this time asking me for a senior Java role. I think that recruiters who do not aim their mails at the right people are wasting their, mine and their clients time.But instead of just deleting said mail, I wrote a kind reply, let's see if XXXX from YYY …