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Responsive web development - my portable device lab.

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I have been doing responsive web developement and design for quite some time now. All the time I still see people not getting it. People satisfied with implementing some break points, resizing the browser and stop at that. Thing is, we all started that way, at least I did. So I will tell you my progress …

Windows phone / nokia 625 review

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People I am a convert, I really am. After years and years with an iPhone I finally switched to a real one. Android I hear you say, pah. I mean windows phone 8 of course, the real deal.

CSS 3 selectors explained In real code

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As I have learned a lot from this article by Roger Johansson over the years, I decided that a more practical approach could be usefull for some people.So I decided to try and reproduce the article with the selectors working in the page. This should help some people who are more practical and can't see past …

linkbait 15 - 5 - 13 - RWD

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Linkbait 7-5-13

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With links about node.js, what kind of programming types are there, why you shouldn't use (or rely) on jQuery and more.