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Linkbait 18-3-13

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Today's links focus on browsers.

html5 video and chrome

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Just found a weird feature in Google's chrome browser, version 5.0.375.70. It seems that if you put the ogg src before the mp4, it won't play... <video
controls preload>

Google ditches Windows on security concerns

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This is really good news, I ( and with me every web developer in the world ) hope that this will start a wave in the corporate world. The last dominion of IE6 that is keeping the web from reaching it's full potential...
"‘We’re not doing any more Windows. It is a security effort,’ said one Google…

chromium bug


I read an interesting tweet just now by Sergey ilinsky, saying that his bug report to Chromium was being ignored. A bug that let's you include css only for chrome WebKit browsers, like apple's safari and google's chrome. Look here for the example page., the text is red in chromium WebKit and black in other browsers. …

Invalid HTML


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I recently encountered something in my work that kinda baffled me. Apparently some (make that lot) people don't know one fundamental thing about inline and block-level elements.The fact is that you are not allowed to nest them.
This seems to be a small matter, but it has all sorts of consequences for …