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Mule Design Studio's Blog: Ads are Content

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Please read this piece about ads on your page, it makes a good point that the ads are part of your brand. And that you should pick them with care, not accept anything a banner farm throws at your site.Mule Design Studio's Blog: Ads are Content: "The ads you allow on your site are part of …

ANWB.nl revamped


The past 9 months I have had the pleasure and the privilege to work on one of holland's biggest websites, ANWB.nl. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I also had the pleasure to work with a great team and I thank you guys, you know how you are.As this was the biggest…

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Because it is friday and I am working,



in progress and this time it's live. Check every few hours to see the design form slowly...

Is web equal to print? (aka : The Question)

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Warning, rave ahead
The past 10+ years, I have been building web applications and sites. And with me coming from a print / graphic design background, you inevitably get The Question popped to you one way or the other. The question is what drives us, kinda like in the matrix. And it is:
Is web equal to …