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Flexbox resources

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I have been doing research on Flexbox recently and collected some resources, here some of them are for you to read.
Specs and articles
Have a nice time reading it all, you should really start with the specs and read the various articles after that so that you can place the technical bits in the real world.

Responsive web design is dead, or it should be.

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Responsive web design is dead, long live Responsive web design. Or long live adaptive, reactive or pre emptive for all that I care web design.We have been talking about Responsive web design for quite some years now. It has been the article of Ethan Marcotte on Alistapart that got us all started and we have been …

Linkbait 20-3-13

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Will give some explanation with these links later today...

Linkbait 18-3-13

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Today's links focus on browsers.

A sad day - Opera will support -webkit prefixes

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Today something which I consider sad happened, Opera announced that it will be supporting some -webkit prefixes. (netmagazine.com) They do so, because: