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Opera mini on the iphone

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After a long wait, it's finally being released into the app store. Opera mini brings many things to the iphone:.tabbed browsingKeep several pages open at the same time and easily switch between them using tabs – just as you would on your desktop computer. On touchscreen devices, visual tabs even allow you to see a preview …

wnas logo in data url


logo wnas in data url
psst, one more way to get the logo without any images... And again, let's not worry about IE. They will get it right sooner or later...

Wnas logo in css3

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Just to have some fun I tried to build a mockup of my logo in html, without images...
wnas logo in css3
I haven't done anything to make it work in IE and probably won't. If I do this, the logo will be an image in IE.
<em><i><span>wnas logo in css3</span></i></em>I am still in doubt whether I …


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Just some CSS3 fun I had this morning on twitter.
h1 ~ div > p span[title^='bo'] strong:last-child {
color: red;