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Reading material for starting webdevs

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Recently I got asked, again, what to read if you are a starting web developer. So I compiled a list, it is in no way complete and completely biased.
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Responsive web design is dead, or it should be.

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Responsive web design is dead, long live Responsive web design. Or long live adaptive, reactive or pre emptive for all that I care web design.We have been talking about Responsive web design for quite some years now. It has been the article of Ethan Marcotte on Alistapart that got us all started and we have been …

HTML5 safe usage 3

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As you may recal, I wrote a small piece on #html5 input types a while go here, in which I stated:If you use an unsupported input type in a browser it falls back to text, what I didn't knew is that reading the type with JavaScript fails also. CSS attribute selectors are fine, only no JavaScript …

chromium bug


I read an interesting tweet just now by Sergey ilinsky, saying that his bug report to Chromium was being ignored. A bug that let's you include css only for chrome WebKit browsers, like apple's safari and google's chrome. Look here for the example page., the text is red in chromium WebKit and black in other browsers. …



Here is a simple help to get you to choose the right method of prototyping a website: