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Frameworks are pure evil.

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Right, catchy title to get people to read a somewhat more nuanced view on frameworks...
Tools and frameworks are shaping your result and your team.

Webpack - tutorials and how to's

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As I am now starting to work with webpack, after succesfully ditching the task to other people in previous projects (the bliss), I will document my learning process a bit. Beginning with some links, in no very particular order...
petehunt/webpack-howtoList of tutorialsDiving into webpackOfficial documentationBeginner Webpack Tutorial Part 1 - Introduction To WebpackA video for the non…

Linkbait 7-5-13

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With links about node.js, what kind of programming types are there, why you shouldn't use (or rely) on jQuery and more.

Test driven web development

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As we are looking at test driven web development at de Voorhoede we collected some links. I hope others like 'm too.

a simple Regular expression explained

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This is just for me, so please ignore this...