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Making an iPad HTML5 App & making it really fast

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Now this is really good for us real web craftsman and women. Real knowledge of your field once again proves itself against frameworks. How much I loved the demos of jQtouch at last weeks @media ( or #wdx as it is called now ), I still think that using a library or a framework isn't the …

Safari 5

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Lot's of new (true) html5 features, like: offline storage and web workers... And fast
" It has innovative new features that improve the way you view the web. And powerful new tools to help developers enhance and customize the browsing experience altogether. Learn more"
(Apple - Safari - Browse the web in smarter, more powerful ways.)

input type=search


In this site I use several html5 elements and attributes. One of them is <input type="search" /> which gives me (for instance) a search button on my Iphone. It degrades to an text kinda input so it's backwards compatible.What it also does is look kinda ugly in safari, with rounded corners and a frigging shadow and …

Console.log for IE


I write a lot of javascript in my present project. Doing this, I just love firebug and more to the point the console.log function that it lets me use. Bummer is only that it doesn't work in IE, the one browser that needs javascript debugging most. It also throws javascript error in IE when used. That …