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As not all the links have to be new, I decided to share a few old articles with you I read long ago and still look at...

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As I am to busy to concentrate on some real writing on stuff that I am working on, such as jQeury plugins, adobe air and stuff.

Is web equal to print? (aka : The Question)

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Warning, rave ahead
The past 10+ years, I have been building web applications and sites. And with me coming from a print / graphic design background, you inevitably get The Question popped to you one way or the other. The question is what drives us, kinda like in the matrix. And it is:
Is web equal to …

CSS coding conventions / best practices

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CSS coding is easy and simple, people think. So you don't really need to think about it, people think. This is, as you may or may not know, wrong. In this piece I will tell you how I think you should think about CSS code, which first of all is real code, as in computer code.

Console.log for IE


I write a lot of javascript in my present project. Doing this, I just love firebug and more to the point the console.log function that it lets me use. Bummer is only that it doesn't work in IE, the one browser that needs javascript debugging most. It also throws javascript error in IE when used. That …