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Mule Design Studio's Blog: Ads are Content

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Please read this piece about ads on your page, it makes a good point that the ads are part of your brand. And that you should pick them with care, not accept anything a banner farm throws at your site.Mule Design Studio's Blog: Ads are Content: "The ads you allow on your site are part of …

Redesign in progress

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As I have just upgraded my blog from wordpress to habari, I am now faced with a really nice gray skin called 'charcoal'. If you know me, you must know that this out of the box style is not my thing. So I am going for a redesign and will build a new theme as I …

jQuery UI slider


The past few weeks I had a lot of fun playing with jQuery UI for a client. They wanted to replace some elements in an application, sliders and such, with a more accessible solution. For that I turned to jQuery UI, as I had previously introduced jQuery as the standard javascript library for them.As I started …

jQuery plugin - autotab


I recently came across a itch in jquery plugins. They are too well written, with tons of attributes and files to edit in order to configure them.
I don't want that, so I wrote a simple plug in just for auto tab.
The itch was caused by a project where the client wanted three fields for …

css naked day

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